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CH1 Podcast Leaha Mattinson with Pam Peled - EP033 - Lets Talk Shakepseare

January 19, 2021

Leaha and Dr Peled talk Shakepseare


Dr. Pamela Peled was born in South Africa and came to live in Israel in 1975, at the age of 17. She studied English Literature and Teaching at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and has a doctorate in Shakespeare from Bar Ilan University. She teaches at Beit Berl College and at the IDC Herzliya, and also gives lectures on Shakespeare all over Israel and abroad, as well as on cruise ships.

Pamela is also a journalist and has published three books: How to Have a Husband and Live with your Lover (at the Same Time)For the Love of God and Virgins and Three Ladies Three Lattes.

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